Download Epson L3150 resetter tool | Epson adjustment tool

Download Epson L3150 resetter tool: Hello friends, today we share a new resetter tool for resetting Epson L3150 printer. Are you seeking the Epson adjustment tool for reset Epson L3150 printer, you could download efficient and free software from this website If you facing "Service Required" or "A printer' ink pad is at the end of its service life Please contact Epson Support" errors, you can easily fix this error using Epson WIC utility. You can download the Epson L3150 resetter program (Epson WIC reset tool) from the below link.

Download Epson L3150 resetter tool/adjustment software

Epson L3150 reset tool, Adjustment program, Epson L3150 reset key, Epson L 3150 WiC tool, Epson Resetter download, Epson L3150 resetter toolSoftware name: Epson L3150 WIC resetter
File size: 5MB
OS compatible: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Win 7, XP (32/64 bit)
Epson L3150 WIC resetter Link: Download

How to reset Epson L3150 Printer by using  WIC resetter tool

  1. Download Epson L3150 Resetter software
  2. Disable your antivirus
  3. Unzip the extracted file
  4. Open Adjprog.exe. You will get a dialogue box with a hardware ID. Like this
    Download Epson resetter, Epson L3150 resetter, Epson Inkpad service tool L3150

  5. Copy your hardware ID and send to our WhatsApp number (+91 9074539122)
  6. Pay the amount for the License key. You can pay through this link (BHIM/ UPI Code)
  7. After buying Epson L3150 reset key, you should follow the below steps
* Please copy and paste your license files to the unzipped folder
* Then open Adjprog.exe, and select the port name
* Select 'Particular Adjustment Mode'
* Click Waste ink pad counter and hit OK
* Then select 'Main pad counter' and 'Platen pad counter'. Then click on the 'Check' button
* After checking, You select two counters and click initialize
* Turned OFF the printer and ON again
* Done

Epson L3150 Waste Ink Counter resetting steps by using Epson L3150 reset tool

We strongly recommend replacing your waste ink Absorber Pad before resetting your Epson L3110, L3150 printer. Download Epson L3110 reset program from this link. You can download Epson Resetter software from this website Epson resetting steps are shown above, I think you understand all. 


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