How to check Printer is inkpad error or Service reuired error

Epson Service required: When your printer showing red light error, you check is it Service Required or Inkpad error. After long time printing your printer will show Service Required error. That means your printer needs to change Waste Inkpad. We strongly recommended, when your printer showing Service required error, you should contact the nearest Epson Service Center to repair your printer. When your printer showing service required error, you can resolve using Epson resetter software. When your printer showing service required error, you must change the Ink absorber pad and needs to clear the printer parts for good working conditions.  

What is Service Required error or Inkpad error?

Epson Service Required error means your printer needs to service and replace components for good service. After a long time printing, your printer's Waste Ink Counter will full or 100%. When the printer's 'Waste Ink Counter' reaches to the full, the printer will show 'Service Required' error' and the printer will be blinking Red light Ink and Paper light alternately. When you get this error you can solve by using Epson Adjustment software.

How to check the 'Service Required' Error

How to check Epson service required | Epson inkpad error

First of all, you must install printer drivers properly
  • Click START button
  • Select Devices and Printers
  • Right-click on the printer and select 'Printing Preferences'
  • Click on the 'Maintenance' menu
  • Then click Printer Status Monitor
  • Now your printer will get the exact error

Download Epson adjustment software | Epson resetter tool list

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